About Me

I’m a marketing director at a DC association. One of my professional AND personal passions is making communication better. Professionally, great communication improves our relationships with our colleagues, managers and direct reports. It means greater productivity and higher satisfaction. It has about the same effect in our personal lives.

On this site I share advice on how to communicate more effectively– whether it’s a presentation, meeting, speech, interview or email.

Afraid of public speaking? Start here.

Whether you’re a good public speaker (or a terrified one!) there are ways to improve your public speaking. Below I’ve included some general tips for effective public speaking that you can focus on, no matter your level as a speaker. Identify the occasion and the desired impact:  This the easiest way to know where to … Continue reading

How to take time off

When I started my first job nearly a decade ago, I thought that the best way to get things done at work was to plough right through tasks and keep going until the work was done. After all, if it had worked in college, it would work in the real world, right? It took me … Continue reading

How to Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Over the past 5 years I’ve interviewed dozens if not hundreds of candidates seeking jobs at various levels of my organization.Looking back at every good and bad hire I’ve made by myself or on a panel, I’ve realized there’s a pattern to where we’ve gone wrong or gone right. Here’s what it came down to: … Continue reading

Consultants: Read this before you pitch me

As a marketing director in a DC nonprofit, I get pitched on a regular basis on a variety of products and services, from web development and database management, to data analysis, general marketing and social media analytics/implementation. Some go better than others– and most go mediocrely. So here’s my advice to every consultant: 1. Don’t … Continue reading

The 7-Step Process for Giving Great Feedback

This is another of my LinkedIn posts, which I’m cross-posting here.  One of the biggest challenges new managers face is giving effective feedback. While most of us are comfortable giving positive feedback, many people struggle with giving constructive criticism that improves outcomes. Here are some approaches that should make things easier: Step #1:: BEFORE you … Continue reading

Five Tips to Nail Your Next Interview

I’ve been interviewing lots of candidates lately for jobs at all levels of the organization. What surprises me in many of these interviews is that even candidates with tremendous experience make terrible interviewing errors that I’d expect from someone with little experience. Therefore, to help every person I ever interview or any person looking to … Continue reading

How to Manage People Who Used to Be Your Peers

An LinkedIn influencer post of mine that I’m cross-posting here. Congratulations new supervisor! Not only did you get promoted, but now you’re supervising a couple of people too. Here’s the catch: the people you’re managing used to be your peers. Some of them have more experience than you or came in at the same time … Continue reading