Managers: How to use storytelling to boost your team’s motivation+results.

As a senior leader in a DC-based association,  I can personally attest to the value story-telling and great imagery can have in boosting people’s connection to their work and the company mission.

Storytelling in this case refers to literally telling stories, incidents- in the case of business, usually real, but sometimes fictional– to transmit an allegorical message effectively. Storytelling works because it boosts people’s connection to their day to day work and the larger goals of the company. This boosts productivity and results. Many employees have a hard time connecting their day to day with the larger mission. Stories can be the bridge that make that connection.

Here are three steps to improve your storytelling skills.

  • Identify the core of your message first: if you’re naturally not a storyteller it can be hard to identify a good way to start. Figure out what you’re trying to convey first (importance of caring about customer experience, for example). There needs to be a point to the story!
  • Use real examples: Most businesses have great stories of customer complaints and how they were solved. Most people have life lessons they’ve learned from past experiences. Mine that to craft your story messaging.
  • Add detail and color: What makes stories interesting aren’t just literally going from point A (the issue) to point B (the resolution). It’s about the little asides and details (the age of a protagonist, where s/he lived, etc) that makes the story pop.


Need more storytelling ideas or approaches? Contact me here.


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